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about us

In 1981, Fajr Mazinoiy Co. was established for mining and grading anthracite coal from Mazinoiy in Tabas the Zone was established and has employed its capacity on producing best-quality anthracite coal with for steel, glass, filter manufacturing, rubber manufacturing industries, and relevant industries.


For the last 30 years, the main activities of Fajr Mazinoiy Co. have been focused on exploring, mining, grading, and selling anthracite coal to domestic and foreign industries.


In recent years Fajr Mazinoiy Co. by enjoying domestic and foreign potentials and capabilities took remarkable steps in the line of increasing manufacturing capacity and promoting quality of products, in a way that by equipping the mining workshop with modern machinery, increased the operational capacity of coal mining from its breasts by three to four times.


For manufacturing processing products with the best quality, Fajr Mazinoiy Co. has designed a plant with an hourly capacity of 75 tones and a yearly capacity of 400000 tones and equipping with the best domestic and foreign machinery to grade the coal in very fine, fine, average, and coarse for grading and washing coal in order to provide domestic and foreign industries with the best quality coal.


Among the five-year planning horizon of the Fajr Mazinoiy Co., is entering into international markets, producing various processing products from steam coal such as coal concentrate and briquette, increasing the capacity of producing raw coal, designing and operating briquette manufacturing unit from anthracite coal, participation in manufacturing hybrid products from anthracite coal and cocking coal for feeding smelters. Some of the said plans are on the eve of launching while others will be added in a five-year span.